The right light and the right angle can capture a moment, tell a story or evoke an emotion. My exploration through photography is shared at: jimlightsmith.com.  Check out the site, as it tells a story about my life. This collection shows what represents the best of the places and spaces I’ve experienced that I want to share with you.  There are many images of travel abroad but one of my favorite subjects in my hometown: Salem.  Salem is a photographer’s paradise: cobblestone and brick, lighthouses, historic architecture, gas lanterns, sunsets over the harbor to name a few. Many of the other portfolio images are of store fronts, clubs and restaurants along the mile long boardwalk in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico while other images capture the still, quiet tropical essence of Costa Rica. You’ll find sunset and nature scenes all the way from Bar Harbor, Maine to the Botanical Gardens in Miami, Florida. My very favorite place to be is the beach any time of day, where I can experience the wandering ebb and flow of the tide, dazzling sun and warm ocean breezes as they energize the body and spirit. 

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